Bound Submissive Goth Girl Tormented and Forced to Cum

You don’t want to miss seeing this submissive slut experiencing dungeon sex for the first time and you definitely won’t be disappoint. At first glance, and in her overall behavior, she appears to be quite timid, but once she is naked and in bondage that all changes quickly. She is a sex kitten who loves to be dominated and made to serve and suffer. Things get started with her in a standing spread eagle with her neck tethered up to a point. She is beyond helpless, but The Pope adds more rope to turn this into a predicament tie, that defines helplessness.

Her pale flesh is turned a bright red with extreme flogging and spankings. Her fist orgasm is loud and she loses full control of her body by floating in the ropes while she cums. Her first dungeon sex experience continues with her put in a brutal hip suspension with a touch of bamboo to render her hands useless. To further add to her torment, her neck is bound to a bowling ball that applies just the right amount of pressure to restrict her breathing. She submits to more pain and degradation before being rewarded with more imposed orgasms. Before her experience is over, the Pope pulls her high enough to lift the bowling ball off of the ground. Then she finds herself on her back, like the whore that she is, with her legs spread and ready for her whore holes to be used where she is fingered and fucked into submission.



Slut Craves Hard Bondage Punishment

When a stressed Otto enters his lair and begins flogging Madison’s ass he says he feels better almost immediately. Otto knows she craves hard bondage punishment and he is in the mood to really give it to her. Madison’s shirt is ripped open and her tiny titties are clamped. She screams as her chest and ass are caned mercilessly. In an intense suspension, she is subjected to having all of her holes fucked, fingered and used. She cums hard from rough anal sex, thanking her Master with her wet mouth. Bent forward, she struggles against the tight rope bondage while her ass gets pounded. For all of her beautiful suffering Otto allows her an orgasm before she is bound on her knees to worship his cock. Skillfully, she sucks the cum from the hard cock in her mouth and is then left ball-gagged for the night, happy to have been of service.


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Kinkiest Dungeon Sex Bitch

Amber has a real thing for dungeon sex and must work for every orgasm she needs to experience when Derrick tricks her into saying things that get bondage whores in trouble with their Dominants! Because she gets her sweet ass in deep trouble with Derrick, she has no choice but to endure tight rope, nasty nipple clamps and lots of spanking that get her pussy wet for bondage fucking and rough anal sex. In a suspension, Amber's deep throat skills are put to the test, and later, in a doggy tie, she is pounded hard from behind. Bringing her dungeon sex to an end, she takes a mouthful of cum and is one very happy slave!